Learning to build a food-loving relationship took me years.

After my recovery from anorexia, learning to love breakfast, lunch, dinner or brunch was a crazy idea at first. But, little by little  I discovered that by making a pause and by adopting new habits I could improve my digestion, enhanced my productivity and feel totally FULL (belly and heart)

Today, I want to share some of my favorite practices. BUt, before we start I want to invite you to make a PAUSE – When we rush, we often miss out on the beautiful subtleties of life. -This applies in all areas of your life- even while reading this post.  

Every meal should be celebrated, and cherished! Enjoy preparing and planning your meals. Below you will find 5 easy habits that can work as a reminder. 


Please feel free to print, share, chant and share them with your friends, colleagues and loved ones. Peace, love and light! 

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