We live in a world where we have to be ONLINE, present, active, responsive, fast… sometimes it can get too crazy. The idea of being offline might sound insane and not even possible… specially if you work with them but believe me ITS WORTH IT and it will be OK.

in my case, a few weeks ago, I realized I’ ve been an active user of instagram since 2012! Its been almost 7 years! I decided to take a break for at least 40 days  from Social Media.

Let’s be honest sometimes its hard to stop scrolling down… we live in a world full of distractions that offer us an instant virtual rituality and entertainment that can make us disconnect from reality. We live connected to everyone… you can see what our friends are doing around the world, message them, get nice quotes, jokes, express ourselves, share your plans or style. However, this social playground can make you spend so much time and attention on it… sometimes without even realizing it..

Its fun but it can be dangerous specially if you follow accounts that no necessarily inspire or motivate  you. In some cases, some images or videos can take you to a space of insecurity, judgment or comparison in two seconds.

This is what I discovered….

What I was not expecting was that maybe SM detox was one of the best things I have ever done in a long time! Don’t get me wrong I love to connect and share but sometimes it can make you miss the present.

In case, you want to take a digital or social media detox for a few days, weekend or weeks  here are some of my tips to do it in a graceful way.  You will be in shock, the first 72 hours without having a SM platform to check. It sounds simple and easy but after being used to something for such a long time, it became a habit and in some cases an addiction.

Steps for a Digital detox

1-    Turn off push notifications to focus and practice PRESENCE in the Present and  avoid temptation.

2-    Commit to your practice and get a journal: write, draw, paint.

3-    Observe your thoughts and write them down. What happens when you don’t have social media, have news from your friends or your must-watch/read accounts.

4-    Make your bedroom a no tech space. * this should be something you do forever, not just 40 days.

5-    Have a plan of what you want to do during your tech-free hours.

6-    Bon Appetit! Enjoy your meals, meditation space, music and daily routine. Notice the ordinary-extraordinary moments we have during the day.

7-    Dress for yourself, drink the matcha, cappuccino, smoothie  and take a picture- only for yourself. Let life fall in love with you all over again.

**** and when you come back to the digital world enjoy your new way of using digital platforms. Stay connected, present and keep your breaks. 🙂

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