Through releasing what is stopping you , you can nourish your mind and heart and unveil your spiritual glow,How did I get here.

Well, let me share my story and recovery with you

Writing or actually re-writing my about me section; it is not easy.

I have been on a spiritual and business path almost all my life. Throughout this experience, I have been re-discovering myself through the light and love of the Universe. For years, I suffered from physical, mental and emotional pain, and also I kept going with a feeling of emptiness. I became a master at hiding my pain and emotions from everyone, even myself. I was addicted to approval, to say yes, to get the job done, and to push over the limit of my exhaustion.

Until one day, I just couldn’t keep it up. I felt broken, empty, and like a failure.

I was two women in one. One that was stronger, confident, driven warrior that just went chasing her dreams against the current. And then the other one who struggled with deep insecurities, anxiety, and deep inside, I felt really unhappy and ashamed for being so.

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My life had no meaning; it just had recognitions, titles, frenemies, cool parties, and nothing really fulfilling. I was drowning and experiencing depression and anxiety. Besides that, I also battled against anorexia for several years. Somehow, I kept going and going… until my body collapsed.

When I recovered from my eating disorders, I started a path in healing my body/mind. However, it was years later when I realized that what I had experienced in the past was step 1. I realized that I have been lying to myself for years by pushing and running away from the pain. I was looking for happiness outside of myself, trying to be authentic by pretending to be this character I had built long ago that was so hard to keep updated and to have an exciting life or routine. This character helped me get distracted from my old wounds, but it was exhausting to hide my true self from my false self.

I couldn’t keep up the “everything is under control” mode. I had so much pain inside it was just too heavy to keep going. Living from the outside-in was not sustainable anymore. I was terrified, but I had no choice… there was nothing else to loose. I took a break and prayed for a Divine intervention. I desperately craved for a meaningful life, but I had no idea where or how to start. The only thing I had in my pocket was my discipline and this discipline allowed me to commit to finding my truth and purpose in life.

I started my journey into a deep transformation process.

Marianne Williamson
Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. ZURICH
Gabby Bernstein SJMC
Grad Reiki level II

My healing was very unique, and it didn’t happen overnight. My process drove me to dive deep into several layers of my psyche, breakdowns and breakthroughs moments, and divine guidance. The basis of my healing is founded on my evolving relationship with God.

During this time, I got certified in different fields, coaching, reiki II, tapping, spirit junkie masterclass, yoga, meditation, and started studying A Course in Miracles among many other tools that brought me back to life and unveiled my purpose. These experiences have taught me different ways to connect and relate to my body, to release repressed emotions, to reprogram my mind, and to live in SPIRIT.

This gift from the Universe inspired me to take a new route in my professional and personal life. It was through this transformation process that I was inspired to create my own method: MdM Inside out Method, which is an integral approach to build a meaningful life or career by integrating the four bodies: mind, body, energy/emotions, and spirituality.

In order to lead anything in life, we all need to learn how to lead our lives first and get really intimate with our truth. That is why I developed a method to peel the layers, get to know yourself, release what is holding you back, what is stopping you from success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Let me help you live and empowered and authentic life

Lets get started!

Life is not about the journey, it's about the awakening

Profesional background

From fashion designer to wellness entrepreneur, to motivational speaker, spiritual life and business coach, the many detours along Michelle’s path to her current life became her greatest lessons in understanding how to serve and support others.

Throughout her career, she has worked in a vast range of industries such as fashion, coffee and personal growth in New York, Paris and Costa Rica. She has coached first ladies, presidents, Olympic Athletes, Grammy Award nominees, and individuals ready to take their personal and spiritual growth to the next level. All these different challenges molded her in a woman that sees that it all comes down to one thing, and it's having a growth or soul connection, which is one of the key pillars of the MdM Inside-Out coaching method*.

Her mission as speaker and coach is to empower individuals to live a Higher purpose and build a profitable and sustainable business life by developing value driven strategies with uplifting vision focused on raising self-awareness. She has led workshops in Paris, Zürich, Barcelona,  Vital Voices- El Salvador , IESEG School of Management Paris. Panelist at UCLA, University of California, Live2lead John Maxwell event Jamaica 2021

*The MdM Inside-out Method, is an integral approach to build a meaningful life or career by integrating the four bodies: mind, body, energy/emotions, and spirituality. She also teaches a practical application of "A Course in Miracles" emphasizing on self-love, forgiveness,  and spirituality .

Press, featured articles

Michelle began her business career at the age of 17. When she was 19 she moved to New York city to pursue her dream. Years later she graduated with honors from Parsons The New School for Design.

“She blossomed from a student with little knowledge of the industry into a fully functioning professional who conducted her duties with a diverse set of skills..” - Libbey Dorko Italian Fashion House

Started her first company at the age of 21 and moved to Paris when she turned 24.

"The vivacious personality and fresh smile of Michelle de Matheu captivated the Guerlain brand to become its Latin American muse to show and communicate the essence of the maison to more women in Latin America." - VOGUE MX

Her creativity blended with an entrepreneurial spirit have lead Michelle to also co-found projects and explore new industries. In 2014, she launched MANDALA – The Power of Sharing which produces sustainable, wellness products such as coffee and chocolate. In 2017, among two friends launched Très Tropical, a high vibe fashion & home décor made with love.

Her work and philosophy has been featured in Vogue Mexico, Vogue UK, Caravan Wellness, Food Heals Podcast, WWD, Forbes Mx, and Styleismo among others

Giving Back

I'm so proud to be associated with many amazing projects with a mission to create beautiful social and positive impact.

After her recovery, Michelle has led social projects such as COTURBAN -Couture for the Cure a project to offer stylish, luxurious- feeling turbans designed for women with no economical resources.

This project was directly inspired by my Mom's friend doña María was often asking me for something 'cool' to wear for days when wig just didn't feel right in her own words. That is how Coturban was born... An accessory for brave, loving women who desire comfortable headpieces that make them feel empowered, feminine, strong and BEAUTIFUL. One turban can be worn in 5 different ways.

Today, Coturban is a must have for women that want to become their best self and enjoy making a statement through their story and style.


Mandala for Peace

We are ONE

Created to offer wellness tools for children. under risk in EI Salvador Rica.

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