Decoding Emotional States

A digital on self-discovery and emotional management and intelligence

We can't change what happens around us but we most certainly van choose how to react and transform fear or into growth. Life is full of unexpected twists,turns and detours. They change us for the better,even when we can't see it . We grow stronger and wiser.

My intention is to help you have better of understanding of your emotions but most importantly empower you by learning how to decode your emotions and change your state.

Let's get real. Life is pretty hectic and sometime we don't even have time to process what happen in rational way.

Learning how to train your mind and understand how your emotions work can free you from heavy feelings such as sadness,anger,
frustration, anxiety, stress or keep you away from experiencing even insomnia or burn out .


What we feel ,we attract. Consciously and subconsciously

Emotions have a direct influence on our motivation, behavior, productivity and performance.We fear or get stuck when we don't understand or know how to react.

What if there is formula to have a better understanding on how emotions work and how you can work with emotions to create, experience and manifest abundance in all forms .

Are you ready to:


*Understand how your emotions affect your physical body.-*Learn to release emotional states such as stress and anxiety through techniques and postures in order to find a comprehensive balance

*Understand and learn how to decode your emotions.

*Learn how to identify patterns and stop repeating cycles

Learn to focus the energy of your body on what you really want to create in your life.

Break-up with self-sabotage

*Learn how to use your breathing to break states or dense emotions.
We all want to feel peace and clarity to face challenges and difficult circumstances as they come.If you want peace, you have to embody peace first!

Here is how the course is broken down


Emotions and the mind

you will learn what are the emotions and what is their function. Distinguish and understand all kind of positive and negative emotions that we feel.


Emotions and the body

You will learn about the relationship and between your physical, mental and energetic bodies. I will share powerful exercises that will show you how to release stagnant emotions from your body through movement. Breathing exercises to modify dense emotions and release stress and anxiety


Emotions in motion

Your call! Your turn! Time to practice. In this part of the workshop we leave the theory and get into more practice. You will also receive a worksheet to deepen your experience with some questions and exercises. Plus, the last but one of the most important steps “The Surrender formula” a formula that helped me release stuck emotions.

How it works:

You Will Receive:


2 hour video

Set of audios that you can listen to anytime, anywhere to help you release,stress,anxiety.

A guided meditaion to connect,relax and energize your body and mind.

A worksheet with pratical exercises and the surrender formula pdf.

Are you ready to..

Feel safe, inspired, in charge of your wellbeing

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if you have questions please send us a message and we will get back to you shortly

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