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I have a special invitation for you today… A program that will support you to align your heart with the Universe so you can go deep in your personal growth, discover your true desires and design a life that is full of joy and inspiration.
For years, I had that desire. So, I created the SOUL LAB: a 6- week program to make it easy, practical, and fun to stay consistent with your spiritual practice.

This program is for you if you are ready to:


Can you imagine having a support system and community that could help you stay focused, motivated and inspired?

How it works?

I do not believe a one-size fits all ‘secret’ recipe for success, but the techniques to develop a lifestyle/practice that will bring you back to your soul. This course is designed to go beyond your mind and into your heart.


The structure of the program is incredibly easy to commit to this beautiful process and stick around for the miracles!
Pick an area of your life that you would like to transform for instance:


Every week you will Receive new tools

that will provide you with tools to get deep in your personal growth, reprogram your mind and discover your true desires. It is time to live the life you have been dreaming of!
● 1 weekly group coaching call via zoom

● Guided meditations and prayer that you can listen to throughout each day to stay connected to your practice.

● Conscious breathing exercises to work on your relationship to your inner guidance system.

● Your vibe attracts your tribe-> Private Facebook group, where you can also connect with other Soul Lab members.

● Affirmations

● Video lessons

● Creative bonuses

● Special discounts in some of my courses


I'm super excited to be on this journey together!

When you sign to the 6- week plan, you will also receive FREE entry to AURA The art of listening: meditation course. Plus, you will have access to a private Facebook group where you’ll connect with other Soul Lab members aka your soul tribe! .


* Are reading but not willing to do the work every week

* keep doing the same things over and over again thinking change will just happen with no effort

* You are not committed to change and become your highest-self

*You believe you are the victim and aren't willing to transform your reality.

lets get started!

Starting November 2020

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