Meditations for the energy centers

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."- Nikola Tesla


Let's talk about chakras...
• The word "chakra" means "wheel" in Sanskrit. They are energy centers or vortices responsible for the regulation of the energy body and are found throughout the length and breadth of our body.

These powerful centers have the function of regulating and communicating internal and external energy; this operation has a direct relationship with our attitudes and spiritual development.

When your chakras are blocked or not in alignment you might feel off, tired or stuck.
When your chakras are in alignment you feel energized, motivated, inspired, you sleep better and glow from the inside out.

A L I G N is a collection seven meditations you will work on each one of them with the aim of aligning and unlocking each one of these centers. By:
• Increasing your connection with your body through self-love
• Releasing stagnant energy, free yourself from stress, fear
• Releasing stress and remove stuck emotions or energy
• Awakening your inner power and intuition through meditation

Everybody will experience something different.


Are you ready to disconnect and reconnect with your energy?

Are you ready to:


Clear, align and energize your energy centers.

Improve your sleep

Feel motivated and inspired

Meditate to connect your mental and heart intelligence.

Release stuck emotions.

Learn to focus the energy of your body on what you really want to create in your life from the inside-out.

cultivate seeds of light, love and peace ?​ Rejuvenate, renew your mental and emotional states

let's get started!

release, align and relax through meditation.

You will receive
7 audio meditations
7 arts with mantras for your desktop to support your practice.

Bonus + One lightbath Meditation


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