Healing comes with love and forgiveness – To “for-give” is a process of giving forth. In forgiving we give a new trust to another, exemplified by our risking being open, vulnerable, and receptive.

Forgiveness is freedom  Ho’oponopono is one of the most beautiful and profound ways we can practice  forgiveness, love, letting go and presence.
Sometimes we find it easier to forgive others rather than ourselves. Healing the relationship you have with your body is the foundation of all of your relationships. It all goes down to the following question:


For years, this was really hard for me. I had a very bad relationship with my body. For years, I had a very negative self-talk, judgment, and practices. For years, I did’t felt beautiful and was very insecure because of this.

I was riddled with anxiety, cloaked in false confidence, chasing external validation and truly believing that if I just got this job, guy or size I’d feel enough. All while trying to make sense of who I was.

I had no idea what self-love meant… and that’s the thing. I guess most of us at some point had a negative relationship with our bodies.  We start to experience our bodies through our ego ( fears, insecurities) wishing to look or be X,Y,Z because what we have apparently is not good enough and we start to believe it!

The worst part of this is that our energy also starts running low… so we start attracting really weird situations and people that come to mirror  those beliefs. Until, one day you decide what to see in that mirror.

Ho’oponopono helped me so much!

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian well-known for helping clear negativity, resentment from one’s mind and thought..The word “ho’o” means “cause” in Hawaiian, while “ponopono” means “perfection”. The term “ho’oponopono” can be translated as “correct a mistake” or “make it right”..This practice can be used for yourself or with the intention to forgive someone else.

Now, let’s get to work. There are 4 steps.

I love to do it in front of a mirror. Today I will teach you a way you can incorporate this practice while you meditate.

Find a comfortable sit and gently close your eyes.

Allow your breath to guide you. When you more centered set an intention for what you would like to release, transform or forgive.

For example, I want to transform the wrong perceptions I created for my body. I choose love.

Breathe in and out your intention. * If you want to forgive or heal your relationship with someone visualize them in front of you.

Gently invite the following phrases as a mantra and repeat them for a few minutes:

1.I’m sorry.

2.Please forgive me

3. I love you

4. Thank YOU..

Repeat. Feel.


After, a few rounds release the mantra/the image of the person and gently open your eyes.

These four phrases seek to guide you through these four sentimental steps: repentance, forgiveness, love, and gratitude.Simply repeating these words can trigger the release of blockages, negative memories, and traumas so that you can take more control over your own body and life.Try them and let me know how it goes!!

Please remember, your body is LIGHT, a messenger of LOVE. Your body is DIVINE and it’s purpose is to be a vehicle of love and light.

Now let me ask yourself What do you choose to see in the mirror?

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